Animal Welfare

Westpork takes animal care and welfare very seriously.  As custodians of over 180,000 pigs we place great emphasis on ensuring they’re looked after and are allowed the highest standard of welfare.

Policy Statement

Westpork recognises and manages its responsibility for animal welfare.  All pig husbandry and housing complies with the national Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Pigs and our staff are appropriately trained to handle and care for pigs under their control.  A zero tolerance approach is taken on intentional mistreatment of animals.


Westpork leads the way in Australia in the voluntary implementation of on-farm welfare benchmarking.  Our pigs are regularly assessed against a set of scientifically-based, industry-accepted criteria to ensure that a high level of welfare is being maintained across our farms at all times.

Hospital Pens

Westpork employs a standard practice of identifying and treating compromised pigs as early as possible.  Each section of the farm has designated ‘hospital pens’ where sick and injured pigs are monitored closely while they recover.

Veterinary Consultants

Westpork employs the services of external veterinary consultants to oversee health, welfare and biosecurity across our farms.  They provide current industry advice on disease prevention and the management of sick and compromised pigs.  Our veterinarians play an integral role in maximising our farms’ productivity and work closely with stockpeople and management in achieving this goal.